We founded in January of 2013 and have been building extremlely shootable (ergonomic, accurate and fun)  guns since. We specialize on the Arsenal Firearms product line. We are a Master dealer of Arsenal Firearms and undersand the Stryk B as well as anyone. Based in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountain Range in Salt Lake City, UT, RAIN6's experience with firearms, executive protection including high threat protection overseas and training makes RAIN6 a one stop shop for personal firearm consulting, sales and training. 



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A gun shop with great service. Our approach is consultative and personable whether we are providing solutions or training. RAIN6 is a veteran owned business. We are also proud to be one of North America's few Arsenal Firearms USA's master dealers.

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Call or email anytime, we are by appointment, but welcome walk ins.

    Phone:       385.695.2030
    Email:        info@rain6.com
    Address:    4227 Highland Dr. Ste 5 Holladay, UT 84124

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