Our Prepper + Survival 101 course is a fun and interactive course that compels the class to think about basic preparedness and survival skills that were common and necessary just 100 years ago. The larger community, society, industry and hyper dependent nature of our civilization are taken into account when viewing past and probable future scenarios where these skills would be highly valued and critical. This class is for anyone who has interests in the outdoors, self reliance, survival techniques, and even those whom want to infuse their camping trips with more natural options. 


Prepper + Survival 101:


Where: RAIN6 Classroom and Wasatch Mountain Range


Duration: 11 Hours


Time: 8:00am - 7:00pm


Subject Matter:


  • History of Disaster and Effect
  • Preparedenss- How To Prepare and for What
  • Survival- How to Build Skills and Which Skills
  • Surviving To Thriving


Practical Application


Where: Wasatach Mountain Range


Knowledge and Skills:


  • Map and compass to plot course
  • Start trek to site, layering systems.
  • Identify edible wild plants
  • Use signaling, communication, and hydration equipment
  • Arrive site and setup camp site
  • Learn fire starting & building, water purification and food gathering skills inc. hunting
  • Learn celestial navigation techniques
  • Pack up site and depart


* There will be options for students to meet at the site by vehicle if necessary.

Please check our "GROUP CLASSES" page for upcoming course dates.

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