Arsenal Firearms Strike One "AF1"

Arsenal Firearms Strike One

Whether you're a beginner to pistol shooting or a seasoned pro, the Strike One is a new pistol that's intrigue. First off, several engineering aspects are setting this gun apart from the usual fair, i.e., polymer pistols we've come to know and appreciate like the Glock, SW M&P and Walther PPQ's currently offered. From the ground up let's look at these from a features and benefits standpoint. 


Full IPSC beveled mag well.

  • Ease of inserting the magazine with it's funneling of the magwell, so a near miss in insertion will likely lead to a flawless mag change.

Finger well on grip

  • Ease of extracting a magazine that may be jammed due to a double feed or other malfunction

Long grip

  • Easily fits small hands, but more importantly fits large hands for positive control of the pistol

Narrow grip

  • I like Glock but would love Glock if the grip were a tad smaller as mag changes would occur with grip changes. The Strike One's grip is narrow enough for almost all hand sizes, and the mag release button is ergonomically placed so the user can access it without a change of grip. Better for speed, which frees up time for accuracy.
  • The grip is also by design narrow so the user as there are many in colder climates can use quickly with thick gloves.

Steel Mag Release Button

  • While most polymer pistols utilize a polymer mag release, the Strike One possesses a steel one. Steel on steel to release the mag equates to more consistent feel in the operation now matter the conditions being hot or cold.
  • The steel mag release also retains the magazines in two locations marrying to two holes in the magazine. Better mag retention in the event of drops or violent bumps associated with combat.

Large Trigger Guard

  • Better for use with gloves and quicker to get into whether tactical training or use or competition.
  • The Trigger Guard also has a curve where the shooter's middle finger would meet the trigger guard for a higher grip on the pistol.

Steel Trigger

  • The Strike One's patent on the trigger is evolutionary as it still like a Glock or M&P must have the finger applied from a shooting grip to be rocked forward allowing the internal safeties to be released.
  • A steel trigger mated to steel trigger housing enables consistent trigger feel as does it's grooves on the trigger allow muscle memory with a tactile feel for consistent finger placement.

In-Line Barrel

  • When firing the Strike One the barrel stays completely in-line with the slide avoiding the normal energies being directed vertical thereby creating force throwing the muzzle upwards.
  • As the barrel is in-line barrels in upwards of twelve inches will be available for long range shooting with this pistol

Locking System

  • Following the "1 degree of mechanical law" for the main components, i.e., barrel, locking block and bolt slide, the Strike One has minimal movement and force when fired to increase durability and consistent feel.
  • The system is based on high tolerances that allow the Strike One to shoot hyper-accurately while executing the fastest in industry action.
  • Unlike the Browning systems the barrel maintains a complete horizontal in-line station creating less felt recoil and faster follow up shots.
  • The locking block has rails that slide into grooves within the slide that keeps the slide moving on rails creating less omni-directional micro movements creating force in undesirable directions 

Operating Frame Block

  • Made from 42CrMo4 Steel, the highest grade steel with exceptional lubricity for anti-wear and action speed
  • One solid piece vs. four tabs enables smooth, durable, fast and consistent slide movement. The slide, combined with the locking block mated with the grooves on the slide at the top, make for competition style shooting. Exceptional predictability.


  • Most robust slide where extraction occurs for superior strength
  • Built for Russian Military Issue, The Strike one is rated for +P+ ammunition around the Russian 9x19 ammunition 7N21 and 7N31, both close to performance of the .357 SiG 

5 Inch Cold-Hammered Barrel

  • With a 75Hrc rating the Strike One's nitrite infused barrel along with locking block and capture pin are the hardest in the industry. Most industry leading polymer pistols are at an approx. 64Hrc

Lowest Bore Axis in Industry

  • Making it desirable to achieve control over the pistol. The ability to lower the bore ( middle of the barrel) closest to the shooter's hand lends to mitigating muzzle flip; in combination with the physics of the Strike One's in-line barrel the Strike One is a very soft shooting pistol. 

When we first read about the Strike One by Arsenal Firearms back in late '13, we were impressed with the patents and pistol's characteristics. When we saw the pistol at Shot Show '14 in person and had Nicola Bandini, Arsenal Firearms CEO, give us a demo we saw what the images and writings illustrated in person. The only thing left to see was how it performed so we purchased #214 for testing in late '14 and after 1,000 rds. in multiple shooting exercises we became believers and adopted it as the second dealer in the USA. Reading, seeing was not believing, however, shooting this beautiful pistol was. We encourage our readers to schedule a shoot with us so they can feel the difference first hand. 

James Story

*The Strike One was developed for the Russian Military and has since been adopted by several Russian Spetznaz (Special Operations) units. Now it is available to the public as of late '14 in the USA with other versions being introduced in Q3 '15. Arsenal Firearms is an Italian company and part of Arsenal Firearms Group that contains Miniature Arsenal and Zanotti 1625. This Fall's film James Bond "Spectre" will showcase the Arsenal Firearms AF2011 Prismatic, a Double Barreled 1911 made to commemorate the Amercian Icon's 100th-year anniversary. International Firearms Corporation based out of Oklahoma City, OK is Arsenal Firearms Group US Importer.





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