We here at Rain6 finally have our hands on the long awaited and cutting edge quick access gun safe, The Gun Box!  This gun safe is very practical in its…
As a firearm instructor and gun enthusiast I am often asked the same question all the time. The question arises when someone is going to pull the trigger…
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Why is this gun different, revolutionary and the new bar?
The right gun accessories can make a big difference when carrying a concealed firearm. It’s not uncommon to find a new gun owner who spent hours researching what handgun to purchase, what finish to select or what caliber to purchase, only to give little to no thought on the accessories.
If you have a gun in the home, it is wise to invest in proper firearms training for the whole family. Even if you are not interested in teaching your child to learn to shoot at a young age, gun training that focuses on safety is important for everyone.

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