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The TYPE R is precisely crafted by, hand and machine, to include several carefully selected upgrades to become the flattest and fastest gun possible. The Type R achieves this and at an exceptional value in comparison to industry norms.

Type R "Type Raven" starts with an exceptional firearm, the Archon Firearms Type B. Add well-tested, and choice upgrades to achieve arguably the most controllable and reliable striker-fired pistol. 

TYPE R Upgrades, all optic selections are in addition to the following:

  • TYPE R Custom Machining Package
  • TYPE R Trapezoid Window Cut
  • TYPE R Stippled Frame
  • 4 LBS. Trigger Upgrade
  • Trijicon HD Night Sight Set with Hi-Def Yellow/Orange Front Sight
  • Custom Guide Rod and Spring Set for Slower and Faster Loads
  • Two +3 Magazine Extension Pads
  • Digitally Tokenized as an Asset w/RAVENCOIN
  • Upgrades will be serviced by RAIN6 for any failure during normal use and wear and tear.... duration, lifetime.
  • Type B warranty/ownership will be traceable through the digital TYPE R token.
  • OPTIC choices: Shield RMS and Shield RMSc.

Only if you're sending a gun in and NOT purchasing from RAIN6.



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(please send 2-day air, email tracking to and include the receipt from upgrade purchase)


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